We Could Save Her Today

Yesterday marked 5 years since the day I learned my baby girl was going to die from brain cancer. Normally I spend that day holed up in my house, but this year I spent my day roaming the very halls where I received that news on October 17, 2013. Ever since we started the Olivia... Continue Reading →

Why This New Care Alliance Matters

(Photo Credit - Dan Cepeda, Oil City News) Today I had the honor of not only being invited to attend the press conference announcing the new Care Alliance between Wyoming Medical Center & Children's Hospital Colorado; but I also got to spend some time afterwards with Jena Hausmann, President/CEO of Children's Hospital Colorado, and several... Continue Reading →

Because Of Her

When we started the Olivia Caldwell Foundation in November 2013, we were only a month out from her death. The sting of losing her was so fresh and we were searching for some way to give meaning to her loss. We knew we wanted to provide funding for pediatric cancer research to find the cure that... Continue Reading →

3 Years Later

3 years. Today is 3 whole years since my only daughter died. I barely slept last night as I played the events of October 22, 2013 over and over in my mind. We knew it was coming and for that I am grateful. Olivia was home on hospice care after a 16-month battle with brain... Continue Reading →

Tree For Sissy

It's hard to believe but this is already the 3rd Christmas we will celebrate without Olivia. Her absence is noticed this year just as much as it was the first. We started the tradition of decorating our tree for her that first horrible Christmas in 2013 when her loss was just barely 2 months old.... Continue Reading →

He Remembered

This Thursday, October 22nd will mark 2 years since we kissed our daughter goodbye and watched her soul depart for heaven. These anniversaries are always incredibly difficult to get through. It's a reminder of what you lost and that yet another year has passed since you had the pleasure of your child's company. The greatest gift... Continue Reading →


Some days I just feel broken. Worn out. Like everything in its entirety is so much that I am surprised I can even stand. My uncle passed away a few weeks ago. It was unexpected and it broke not only my heart, but the hearts of his wife, my dad and his mother - my... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Landon

When you have another baby after the loss of a child they are called a rainbow baby. Or a baby that comes after one of the greatest storms in life you can experience. Landon is our rainbow baby. There is something incredibly bittersweet about having a new baby after the loss of a child. You... Continue Reading →

More Time In Heaven Than On Earth

Olivia has been in heaven now for 20 months, 1 week and 3 days. She was only alive for 20 months and 3 days. That means that Olivia has officially been in heaven longer than the amount of time she spent on earth. Needless to say the last few weeks have been tough. I think... Continue Reading →

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