New Beginnings

We are incredibly excited to announce that Olivia and Wyatt are going to have a little brother or sister in early December! This is a time of immense joy for our family but also a time of sadness of what could have been if we had not lost our beautiful daughter to brain cancer 7... Continue Reading →

Behind a Grieving Mother’s Smile

Today marks 7 long months since I watched my little girl take her last breath after a long battle with brain cancer. My heart is just as beaten and broken today as it was the day she passed away.During these 7 months I have learned to put on a brave face. I can smile, laugh,... Continue Reading →

A Grandmother’s Loss Times Two

When your granddaughter dies from cancer, a grandmother’s loss is twofold. There is the loss of your granddaughter, of course, but in addition there is also the loss of the person your daughter was before she buried her child.It is impossible to measure the loss of a granddaughter. Where do you begin? I could begin... Continue Reading →

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