Olivia, my hero

There's a beautiful saying I've seen many times on Facebook posted by parents whose children are battling cancer. "Some people never get to meet their hero. I gave birth to mine." What makes this statement so unbelievably beautiful is the truth in it. These amazing kids are heroes. They have endured more in their short... Continue Reading →

Marriage and Cancer

 When Brett and I got married on July 24, 2009 we knew that we loved each other and we couldn't wait to see what life would bring. We were so excited about building a life based on our faith and our love and we couldn't wait to have children. Little did we know the trials... Continue Reading →


Can you imagine a world where cancer didn't exist? Anytime I dream that's where my mind goes to. It's a world where children are healthy and so are their parents. It's a world filled with sunshine, laughter and family time that isn't interrupted by the chaos that comes with a cancer diagnosis. I will never... Continue Reading →

Life is Just a Little Bittersweet

  2013 was a year of ups and downs for our family. There were truly amazing days and horrible days. 2013 was the year my daughter "beat" cancer and the year she succumbed to the disease when it returned with full vengeance. It was the year we moved into our new home, watched Wyatt take... Continue Reading →

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