Remembering My Why

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do you can't get ahead in at least one area of your life? This has been a constant struggle for me since I became a mother, but it is even harder now that I am a single, working mom to two very active little boys. I... Continue Reading →

Here’s To 30

I turned 30 on Sunday. This bigger birthday has caused me to take a step back and look at my life and how it looks drastically different then I expected it to. In some ways that's a beautiful thing. And in others it's very sad. When I turned 20 and imagined my life as a... Continue Reading →

He Saved Me

People ask me all the time how I've been able to survive the loss of my only daughter. While my faith in God is a huge part of my survival and peace, I am also certain that the biggest reason I am still standing is that God had also given me Olivia's twin brother, Wyatt.... Continue Reading →

Even If

The past 6 years have been a rollercoaster that has completely changed who I am as a person. What began as a rather shaky faith in God has morphed into a full belief that has shaped my very being. I wish I could say that faith came easily. But it has been through trial and... Continue Reading →

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