And the clock keeps ticking…

Time seemed to stand still when I was pregnant with Wyatt and Olivia. It felt like I was going to be pregnant forever and that day would never come when I would hold them in my arms and finally become a mother to two living, breathing, beautiful, amazing human beings. And now today I take... Continue Reading →

Just Like That

One day I was the mother of newborn twins adjusting to motherhood and caring for my premature babies. Then just like that I was a cancer mom. My biggest, deepest, scariest fear had come true. My 4 month old daughter was now a cancer patient and I was thrown into a world that I never... Continue Reading →

Please don’t forget

When your child is first diagnosed with cancer, your phone rings off the hook. Everyone is eager to help in any way they can with offers of financial assistance, meals, and many, many prayers. Then the cancer battle rages on and slowly that support starts to dwindle. Your family is still embroiled in the fight... Continue Reading →

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