A Little Bit of Her

When we decided to have another child after Olivia passed away, it was a great hope for us to be able to have another baby that looked somewhat like her. Not to replace her. But simply to be able to look at her sibling and think, "Wow! I can see your sister in you." We... Continue Reading →

5 Years Ago

Five years ago I knew nothing of childhood cancer. I didn't even have children yet. I was newly married to my high school sweetheart and we knew we wanted children but hadn't had the privilege of holding our own child in our arms. Five years ago when I dreamed of my children I just knew... Continue Reading →

Did My Daughter Ever Exist?

Olivia was my whole world. I loved my husband. My son, Wyatt. My family. But she was my everything. That happens when your child is sick. You know what a real possibility it is to lose them and it changes the relationship. You treasure every moment. You look at them with such complete love knowing... Continue Reading →

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