This past weekend our pastor gave a beautiful sermon about hope in spite of the inevitable tragedies and heartache in this world. It really touched my heart and put into words what I've never been able to explain. We've been told that our family is an "inspiration." That we've thrived in spite of the tremendous... Continue Reading →

Cuddles In The Snow

This week Casper was hit by another big snowstorm. The schools were closed and the city stopped while the snow fell heavy all around us. A little more than two years ago a similar snowstorm hit us early in October. We weren't living in Casper yet, but were just up for a visit with my... Continue Reading →

A New Neighbor

A few weeks ago I had the sudden urge to go and see my daughter. She is buried right here in Casper but I don't go as often as I would like. Her graveside gives me a place to visit, but I know that she doesn't dwell there. When I pulled up that Saturday afternoon... Continue Reading →

A Little Black Shadow

This week brought on another big loss for our family... the death of our beloved dog, Daisy. Her loss has caused a much deeper sadness then I ever anticipated experiencing, despite the fact that she was of course a dear member of our family. Brett and I have had Daisy through everything. She was with... Continue Reading →

Tree For Sissy

It's hard to believe but this is already the 3rd Christmas we will celebrate without Olivia. Her absence is noticed this year just as much as it was the first. We started the tradition of decorating our tree for her that first horrible Christmas in 2013 when her loss was just barely 2 months old.... Continue Reading →

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