A Change In Mission

After a lot of reflection, we at Olivia Caldwell Foundation decided to make some changes to our mission. We would like to use this blog post to explain our new mission statement and what our vision is for Olivia Caldwell Foundation and our future. A lot of changes have been going on at OCF behind... Continue Reading →

Mommy, Sissy Loves You

This morning was one of those days as a parent that I wanted to bang my head against the wall. Wyatt had been throwing temper tantrums nonstop. Landon was only taking cat naps and screaming at the top of his lungs. I put them back in the car after a disastrous trip to the storeĀ and... Continue Reading →

How the Grief Continues

Our daughter died more than 19 months ago. The grief is not as raw as it was in those first few hours, days and weeks. But yet it is still there. Ever present. Like a gigantic wound that never heals. Never gets better. It is just different. In those first few moments after she passed,... Continue Reading →

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