Mommy’s Little Girl

A few days ago we reached 17 months since Olivia passed away. Life feels more normal but my heart aches because I still miss her with every ounce of my being. We had 20 months and 3 days with our baby girl. It kills me far more than I can explain that she is no... Continue Reading →

It Will Never Happen To Me

Having a child die was a great fear of mine. For long before I had children I had a deep-rooted fear that I would have a child get cancer. I don't really know where that fear came from, so I can only assume it was God preparing me for the day that this would become... Continue Reading →

Daddy’s Heart Is Broken Too

In the childhood cancer community there is a big emphasis on the importance of mothers. We are the caretakers. The ones who can make a child's tears go away with a simple look or touch. God gave mothers an amazing gift to reach their children when oftentimes no one else can. But he also¬†gave children... Continue Reading →

A Shining Star, A Sign From Above

I always really loved to read Olivia books. Even as a tiny baby she would look at me so intently and seemingly take in every word that I ready to her. Our all time favorite was Nancy Tillman's book, "Wherever You Are, My Love Will Find You." There's a line in the book that reads,... Continue Reading →

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