Why Mommy?


Wyatt has wanted to talk about his sister a lot lately. He has so many questions about what happened and why she can’t be here with us. We drive past the oncology center where she received treatment often and every time he wants me to remember that sissy was treated there. He misses her so much and it absolutely breaks my heart.

I’ve always heard that twins share a unique, unbreakable bond, and I can say it is completely true. Their bond began so early when they were still forming inside my belly. I will never forget the moment during my 20 week ultrasound when Wyatt was kicking around like a wild man and Olivia reached through the membrane and put her hand on Wyatt’s leg as if to say, “dude, calm down!” That couldn’t have been more true of their relationship and their personalities. Olivia was peace and calm and Wyatt has always been a whirlwind of speed and emotion. He doted on her constantly.

When Olivia was sent home on hospice care I wondered how on earth I would explain to my 20 month old where his sister went when she died. But I didn’t have to. That sweet little boy went to bed early the night Olivia passed away and at the moment her soul left her tiny body he cried out from his bed. And he never looked for her again. Before that day he began each morning at her bedroom door, but the next morning he already knew not to look in her room. He knew without any explanation that his sister was gone.

Olivia passed away 3.5 years ago but she is still as much a part of Wyatt today as she was during the 20 months they shared together. He tells strangers that he has a sister who died. He wants them to know her name. He wants to make sure she is remembered and that she is important.

Wyatt takes out her photo albums frequently and shows Landon pictures of their sissy. He talks about how much fun it would be if she could be here to play with them. And sometimes he cries and tells me how unfair all of this. I couldn’t agree more.

Today is the last day of May and the end of Brain Cancer Awareness Month. Thanks to the generosity of many our $3 For Three Campaign raised $1,358! But it isn’t too late to donate! Donate any time by clicking here.

Why does Brain Cancer Awareness matter? Because my boys shouldn’t have to grow up without their sister. Wyatt should be starting Kindergarten with his sissy in the Fall instead of crying himself to sleep in her absence. Brain cancer stole Olivia in the blink of an eye, and we desperately need a cure so more families don’t have to bury their sons and daughters.

The Olivia Caldwell Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that raises money for pediatric cancer research. You can learn more and donate by visiting www.oliviacaldwellfoundation.org.


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