“When is Sissy Coming Back from Heaven?”


Just about a week ago we hit 23 months since Olivia passed away. And now on October 22, 2015 we will hit a new milestone… 2 years since our little girl left us and made her journey to heaven.

Lately my son, Wyatt (her twin brother) seems to be missing her more than ever. I don’t know if it is simply that he has more language skills, or if he is suddenly really feeling how much he misses her. But nearly every day, Wyatt looks at me and asks, “Mommy, when is sissy coming back from heaven?” He tells me how much he wants her to come back and play with him. He tells me how much fun it would be if they could go to school together or if she could go with us to the park.

All I can do is explain that one day (hopefully a long time from now) he will see her again. But it hurts my heart just having to explain that to him.

He’s right, life would be so much more amazing if she was still here and healthy.

They would be the best of friends. They would stay up late sharing stories and giggles. They would be inseparable. Double trouble but also double the fun.

Life would be busier. My house would be messier. I would be even more exhausted. But we would have her. And that’s all any of us ever wanted.

Olivia Caldwell Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit that raises money for pediatric cancer research. All proceeds benefit the research team at Children’s Hospital Colorado in Denver. You can learn more and donate at http://www.oliviacaldwellfoundation.org.

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