Don’t Forget The I Love You

October is by far my least favorite month of the entire year. It is a month that has been filled with tragedy and heartbreak for me. The 22nd of October is the day my daughter died. And this year marks 4 years since she took her last breath in my arms at 20 months and... Continue Reading →


Fear. It's something we all struggle with to some extent every day. The fear of the unknown. Fear of lingering tragedy. Fear of disappointment. Even fear of reality. My heart has been so heavy these past few days. So many of my nearest and dearest are struggling mightily with really big things. Some are struggling... Continue Reading →

Split Second

There have been a lot of tragedies lately. Families have lost loved ones, received horrible diagnoses and so much more. It has been heartbreaking to watch and has brought up so many memories. Just a few weeks ago a young woman who I went to high school with was killed by a drunk driver. She... Continue Reading →

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