I Would Still Choose You

Being the mother of a sick child is an excruciating experience. There isn't much that could be more painful than watching your baby suffer and not be able to do a thing about it. I have never felt more exhausted than I did during those 16 months that Olivia battled cancer. Every day was a... Continue Reading →

Being Her Mommy

I've made it through another Mother's Day. That might seem like a weird thing to say, but the truth is, Mother's Day has been pretty awful for me since I lost Olivia. Don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't love her brothers, but it's hard to be happy on this day when one... Continue Reading →

Greatest Calling

I saw a quote online today posted by one of my favorite Christian artists. It said, "God often uses our deepest pain as the launching pad of our greatest calling." This statement couldn't ring more true for my life. Becoming Olivia's mom was one of the most amazing experiences I've ever had. Words can't really... Continue Reading →

Post Holiday Blues

The day after Christmas I woke up with a familiar ache. My heart longed for my little girl and I spent the whole day in a funk. Nothing and no one made me happy. All I wanted to do was hide under my covers and cry. This is the reality of child loss. Sometimes the... Continue Reading →

Finding Normalcy When Normal Doesn’t Exist

The day you learn that your child has cancer, everything you knew changes. Your life will never be the same. And neither will you, your child, your spouse, etc. Your life that used to revolve around family time, play dates, friends, church, work, school, will now revolve around doctor's appointments, chemo, radiation, scans, hospital stays,... Continue Reading →

A Different Kind of Christmas

┬áIt's that time of year again. Christmas songs are playing on the radio, families are decorating their Christmas tree, loved ones are gathering. There is anticipation. Excitement. Laughter. Joy. Christmas time is the most wonderful time of the whole year. The time that we celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Our celebration... Continue Reading →

All in Honor of Olivia

Olivia Caldwell was born on February 19, 2012 along with her twin brother, Wyatt. She was born early at just 32 weeks and spent a little over a month in the NICU learning how to eat and grow on her own. Olivia and Wyatt both came home on oxygen and seemed to be doing well.... Continue Reading →

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