She Saw Jesus

People ask me often how I can cling to my faith the way I do after losing my only daughter to brain cancer before she even made it to her 2nd birthday. And the answer to that question always takes me back to the night Olivia died. Watching a loved one, especially your child, die... Continue Reading →

I Have 3 Kids

Have you ever been asked how many kids you have? If you have children, odds are you are asked this simple question nearly every day. When you have lost a child, that question becomes uncomfortable, and quite frankly, heartbreaking to answer. You see, God saw fit to make me a mother three times. First, thanks... Continue Reading →


Some days I just feel broken. Worn out. Like everything in its entirety is so much that I am surprised I can even stand. My uncle passed away a few weeks ago. It was unexpected and it broke not only my heart, but the hearts of his wife, my dad and his mother - my... Continue Reading →

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