Beauty In The Mud

It's been 4 years baby girl. Four years since I got to hold you or feel your sweet little lips on my cheek. Four years since I heard your laugh or have been able to run my fingers through your beautiful brown hair. And I miss it all. I miss you. My anxiety has been... Continue Reading →

The Grieving Mother

  The day my daughter died I forever became a grieving mother. I never wanted that title. And it isn't something I would wish on anyone else. Even though I knew Olivia wasn't going to make it, nothing prepared me for the night she took her last breath. To see this tiny human I had... Continue Reading →

This Is Grief

I have been in the chapel at our church countless times since Olivia's funeral 3.5 years ago. But each time I'm in there all I can see is her casket sitting up on the altar surrounded by flowers. I can still feel the tightness in my chest as I walked out the door behind her... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Tears

This past week a beautiful little girl who lives just 45 miles away died from brain cancer. Her death has affected me deeply. It has brought up so many emotions as I remember what the week we lost Olivia was like. When your child is diagnosed with cancer you know the possibility of losing them... Continue Reading →

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